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We are Australia’s leading commercial eco-friendly sewage and wastewater treatment provider. No other system delivers sustainable and efficient sewage and wastewater treatment that helps to build and maintain clean eco-systems. We can design, build and install a site specific wastewater treatment solution for all types of industries.

Client: Caltex Brisbane

Task: Design and install a Commercial Septic Tank System for the treatment of all cafeteria wastewater and organic material.

Project Manager: Alan Duke

Our Commercial Septic Systems are designed to treat all cafeteria wastewater and putrescible food solid wastes in the concrete tank. The system incorporates a filtration and drainage bed on which the compost pile is formed. Food scraps from the Lyton Refinery Canteen and other refinery meal rooms can be put into the Worm Farm Waste System through the hatch.

Client: Parks Victoria – You Yangs

The toilet block in the You Yangs is Parks Victoria’s busiest with 400 people per day using the facility. Standard commercial septic systems could not cope and the smell was overpowering.

The task

Unique solution

Parks Victoria needed environmentally friendly commercial septic systems. A Worm Farm Waste System has proven to be that solution.

  • No Smells for the public and parks staff
  • Easy to maintain
  • Cost efficient
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
Eco Septic Tank


That Are Fully Environmentally Sustainable

Client: Pinecliff Horse Stud

Task: Design and construct the world’s largest organic waste management system.

Project Manager: Alan Duke

With 1200 tonnes of manure even composting could not create unacceptable levels of methane gas in the bid for ecological sustainability. To avoid this Pinecliff has installed a state of the art worm farm commercial septic tank system with the same volume as an Olympic Swimming Pool. All waste on the property, animal and human, is disposed of and treated onsite in the Worm Farm Waste System and the by-product used as organic fertiliser. 

The Pinecliff Worm Farm is the largest and most advanced waste treatment facility in the Southern Hemisphere. The worm farm rapidly breaks down matter and produces a by-product (worm castings) that is then used as an organic fertiliser for use in pasture and track maintenance. The two storey commercial septic tank system is buried under the ground to ensure the aesthetic of the landscaping is maintained and to maintain a constant temperature, operating like a rainforest floor as it filters water through the organic material stored on the false floor.

All reclaimed grey water including the backwash that comes from the equine swimming pool passes through the worm farm and is sent to the wetlands for further filtration and polishing before reuse.

Client: Chua Quang Minh Temple

Quang Minh Temple is a centre for the Vietnamese Buddhist community in Victoria, as well as the office of the United Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation of Victoria. The Temple is situated about twelve kilometres west of Melbourne’s CBD, overlooking the gentle Maribyrnong River.

The task

Unique solution

Vietnamese Buddhist community wanted to make sure that their environmental footprint was kept to absolute minimum. To achieve their goal the only solution was a Worm Farm site specific commercial septic tank system that would process all sewage, wastewater and organic material that was generated by the temple.

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